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Other Neighborhood Watch Activities

In addition to serving as eyes and ears for your local law enforcement agency, here are some other kinds of Neighborhood Watch activities that may be incorporated into the Neighborhood Watch Citizens’ Involvement Program. Just think of how beneficial they would be for your community.

  • Distribute anti-crime information to citizens within your neighborhood or community regarding how to prevent and deter crime.
  • Hold public meetings with your local law enforcement agency about crime in the community and what can be done about it. These meetings could educate the community about suspicious activities and preventive measures to take.
  • Conduct home security checks to help detect and prevent fellow citizens’ homes and residences from being burglarized or broken into.
  • Welcome new members to your neighborhood and encourage them to join the Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Set up a special watch or escort for senior citizens or other potential victims.
  • Provide “Safe Houses” for young people to go to after school or in time of an emergency to avoid being hurt or mistreated.
  • Develop a special “Vacation Watch” program where specific attention and observation is placed on the residences, apartments, or houses that will be vacant when the occupants are on vacation.
  • Monitor special CB emergency frequency (Channel 9) for call of help by citizens in need.
  • Contact the local newspaper and/or media for public attention regarding the crime prevention efforts of your neighborhood or community.
  • Aid victims of crime with both emotional support and other assistance that may be needed.
  • Post Neighborhood Watch warning signs and decals on citizens’ windows, street corners, and other conspicuous locations letting the would-be criminal know this is a Neighborhood Watch Community. [The Parkersburg Police Department provides street signs for Parkersburg/ Wood County Neighborhood Watch chartered Watch Groups.]
  • Contact elected officials and demand that stronger laws be enacted to punish drug dealers, robbers, child molesters, domestic abusers, and other kinds of criminals.
  • Conduct an “Operation Identification” program where citizens within the community mark their valuables with identifying markings so they can be recovered if stolen.
  • Conduct periodic Child Identification Program sessions to fingerprint children in the neighborhood so they can be more readily identified in case of abduction. [The fingerprint cards are kept in the parents’ possession, not filed with the police department.]
  • Consider becoming a Licensed Amateur Radio (Ham) Operator so you will be able to provide emergency communications for your neighbors in the event of a disaster or long-term power outage. [Wood County Emergency Communications conducts periodic one-day Amateur License classes for the Technician (no Morse Code required) license class.]
  • Start a School Watch Program which is just like Neighborhood Watch, but designed especially for schools.
  • Sponsor and conduct periodic Disaster/Emergency Preparedness seminars and workshops for your neighborhood. In the event of a disaster, it may be 72 hours or longer before police, fire, or ambulances services are able to get to you. This training will give you and your family the tools that you need to survive until help arrives.

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