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What You Can Do

You can do something about crime in your community by becoming actively involved in the Neighborhood Watch Program. If you participate in this program, criminal activity will be greatly reduced.

How to Join Neighborhood Watch

Joining Parkersburg/ Wood County Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in becoming active in your block’s existing Watch Group, or perhaps in starting and chartering a new Watch Group for your block, here you will find everything you need to get started.

Joining Neighborhood Watch in Other Communities

Go to your local law enforcement agency and tell them you would like to participate in their community’s Neighborhood Watch Program. They will provide you with the necessary information about a program in your area. They will give you the name (if available) of your block leader or captain. A block captain or leader acts as liaison (a “go between”) for the police and citizens of the block. Also, the “block leader” serves as the general organizer and manager of the Neighborhood Watch within a specific block or small area. According to the size of the group, there may be sub-captains and other leaders within the group. If there is no block leader in your area, you may want to take on the position and encourage others within your block to become involved in the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Your Attitude

First, you must understand that crime prevention and detection is a cooperative effort between you and your local law enforcement agency. Crime prevention starts with developing the proper mental attitude — that you can make a difference. Yes, you have eyes, ears, a mind, and the ability to think. Your active involvement in Neighborhood Watch will create a positive attitude and feeling that you are doing your part to attack crime!

Keep Informed

In order to effectively participate in your community’s Neighborhood Watch Program, it is necessary to keep well informed about your neighborhood and community. You can do this by keeping an open ear to what you hear and a watchful eye to what you see in your community. Talk with your neighbors. Encourage them to tell you about any suspicious or unusual occurrences. Exchange information with your neighbors about what you have seen or heard happening of a suspicious nature within your neighborhood.

Attend every Neighborhood Watch Meeting that is put on by your local law enforcement agency or other organization. Make it a point to talk with other people attending these meetings and get to know the other members of your community's Neighborhood Watch Program. the Parkersburg/Wood County Neighborhood Watch meets every other month; the schedule is here.

Encourage your individual Watch Group (or block organization) to meet frequently, not less often than once a month, to discuss everything of importance to your immediate neighborhood.

Read your local newspaper and other local publications and watch the regular broadcasts or your local TV station. You will be better informed of arrests, apprehensions, and other criminal activities occurring in your community. Remember, the better informed you are, the better prepared you will be to help prevent crime.

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