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There are presently 24 active Watch Groups and nearly 200 Neighborhood Watch members in the city of Parkersburg and surrounding unincorporated areas of Wood County. These members truly represent a cross-section of our community, from students to retirees and everywhere in between. Our goal for our Neighborhood Watch program is to achieve the participation of 10% of the county's total adult population, matching the national average.


2018 Officers being sworn in
Captain Ronald Young Swears In 2018/2019 Officers

For information and/or assistance establishing a Watch Group for your neighborhood, see our Join Us page or contact any of our officers or police department representatives, or drop us an email.

President: Harold "JB" Campbell, (304) 482-3300
Vice-President: Cindy Ware, (304) 424-7182
Secretary: Pollee Kreaps, (304) 615-615-2659
IT Coordinator/Webmaster: Rick Sawyer, (304) 494-9957
(please for any website issues)

Capt. J.M. Cumpston, Uniform Division Commander, (304) 424-8401
Officer Justin Blake, Police Liaison Officer, (304) 424-8444




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