Parkersburg and Wood County Neighborhood Watch


This page is for announcements for members of Parkersburg/Wood County Neighborhood Watch. Meetings and other calendar events are posted on the Calendar page. All Watch members should bookmark and check both pages often. Be sure to also check our Facebook Page and Private Facebook Group.

November 11, 2023:
Our January 11th Meeting is Critical

In July 2022 we were instructed that the Parkersburg Police Department wants only active Watch Groups to be included in their Neighborhood Watch program, and we have been instructed to remove inactive Watch Groups from the roster. For the past 18 months we have been trying hard to encourage those currently on the roster to be more active and have not had much luck. Accordingly, the January meeting will be the deciding factor.

Watch Captains, if either you or your Co-Captain cannot be present at that meeting and you want your Group to be considered “active,” please be sure to send at least one designated representative to this meeting. Any Watch Group that does not have at least one designated representative present at the January meeting will be considered “inactive” and will be removed from the roster.

Please Note: This will not affect any Watch Group that has had at least one member attend any of the past three meetings. Those Groups have already been marked as active.

July 24, 2022: Reorganization of Neighborhood Watch

The COVID disaster essentially decimated the Neighborhood Watch program and participation in the Co-op has been virtually non-existant for the past two years. Additionally, the membership roster that we have is terribly out of date — we know specifically that several members in our database have moved and strongly suspect that several are now deceased — and we do not have any indication of which Watch Groups and which members are currently active. After meeting with Captain Koher to discuss the future of Neighborhood watch in Parkersburg it has been determined that we are initiating what we assume will be a two-year project to totally redefine Neighborhood Watch as if we were starting from scratch.

The Co-op Officers, along with a representative from the Police Department or Sheriff’s Office (depending upon the jurisdiction) will be contacting those individuals who we believe to be active Watch Captains to schedule meetings with their respective Watch Groups, to determine who the actual active members are, to create a new and valid membership database, to issue new Watch Group Charters, and to disseminate new Standard Operating Procedures to each Watch Group that wishes to be active in the program.

Those Captains who wish to be placed on the schedule should contact President Cindy Ware at (304) 483-4423 right away.

We are also very pleased to announce that Vienna and Williamstown are now interested in having Neighborhood Watch in their communities. Sunday evening, July 24, Chief Mike Pifer and Chief Shawn Graham were on The BobCast MOV [VIDEO HERE] and they both expressed a desire for the co-op to help them get the program started.

Regular Meeting (Be sure to also check the calendar)

The regularly-scheduled Co-op meeting is at 6:00 pm on the second Thursday of every other month, usually in the Parkersburg City Building, 1 Government Square [MAP], but the location changes from time to time. Check the schedule here.

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