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Neighborhood Watch Organization

This page provides information about the organizational structure of the Neighborhood Watch Co-op and specific information about the individual Watch Groups in various neighborhoods throughout Parkersburg and Wood County.

Although we are not first responders, Neighborhood Watch follows the general recommendation for lines of responsibility that is defined by the National Response Framework that was established following the 9/11 attacks. The NRF establishes a single, comprehensive approach to domestic incident management, and is followed by all government and private response agencies. This includes all emergency responders such as law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical service (EMS) responders, and includes their support organizations. We consider ourselves as supportive of law enforcement.

The Co-op President coordinates directly with the Uniformed Division Commander of the Parkersburg Police Department and with the Wood County Sheriff, and has the overall responsibility to coordinate and support the efforts of the individual Watch Groups. As the organization continues to grow, there will eventually be assigned Area Coordinators for the various geographical areas of the city and county, ideally with each Coordinator responsible to oversee five to seven Watch Groups. This concept has already been adopted by our North End and Blenn Lake Watch Groups.

A Watch Group is a group of concerned citizens in a small geographic region of a community (usually not more than two or three blocks) who are organized, committed, informed, and structured in a hierarchy of Watch Captains, Co-Captains, Lieutenants, and Watchers (members). Within each Watch Group, the Captain is assisted by one or more Co-Captains so that each Co-Captain is responsible to oversee no more than five to seven Watchers or Watcher families. If a Watch Group is sufficiently large, Lieutenants need to be assigned so that no individual is responsible for more that five to seven individuals.

Organization Chart
Typical Organization Chart


Watch Group Name Neighborhood Watch Captain
10th Avenue* 3900-4100 blocks Debora Jeffrey
27th/28th Street Vienna*[1] 1200 block Paul Clark
36th Street 1000-1100 blocks
Orchard Street 3600 block
Ray Vannoy
41st Street 1400 block
plus Wharton Drive
Paul Wright
Blenn Lake[2] Blenn Lake Addition J.B. Campbell
Camden Avenue* 900 block Bob Mercer
Covert Street* 1700 block Ray Hayhurst
Hugh Street* 2600-2700 blocks Sharon Kuhl
Kanawha* Staunton Tpk - 6200 block Cindy Ware
Morningside Circle Morningside Circle Pending
Murphytown* Murphytown Circle Rick Sawyer
Nash Neighbors 1700-1900 blocks Nash St
1700 blocks 19th & 20th Ave
Debbie Peck
North End[2] Several blocks around
VanDevender School
Steve Combs
Chris McClung
Old St Marys Pike[2] Large areas of Waverly Ben Sargent
Roosevelt School Virgil Street, 7th & 8th Ave Travis Siders
South Hills South Hills Drive
South Lake Drive
Lake Hills Drive
Beth Wilson
Staunton Turnpike* 6000 block Cindy Ware
West Virginia Avenue 1000 block WVa Avenue
3200-3300 blocks Avery St
3200 block Bartlett St
Monica Brenner


  * Watch Group is not officially Chartered but has registered unaffiliated watchers.

  1. Vienna Police Department does not recognize Neighborhood Watch.

  2. This Watch Group has several sub-groups.

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