Parkersburg and Wood County Neighborhood Watch

Get Involved

In addition to Neighborhood Watch, there are many ways to Get Involved, especially before an emergency or a disaster occurs. The content found on this page will give you some ideas of how you can take action in your community.

Until Help Arrives

You Are the Help Until Help Arrives (Until Help Arrives), designed by FEMA, are trainings that can be taken online or in-person, where participants learn to take action and, through simple steps, potentially can save a life before professional help arrives. The program encourages the public to take these five steps when there is an emergency.

Additional Opportunities

Wood County Emergency Communications, Inc. (WCEC) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization, created to provide back-up and overload communications to all Public Safety agencies in Wood County, West Virginia and the surrounding counties in West Virginia and Ohio. While most of the members are licensed radio amateurs (hams), a ham license is not a requirement to join and be involved in their community service activities. They also provide frequent one-day classes to help you obtain your ham license in just one day. Read more in their Mission Statement to see what they do. For more information on Emergency Communicators and Amateur Radio read their “Who Are We?” article.

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