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Applying for a Watch Group Charter
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Membership in the Co-op is open to any resident of Wood County, West Virginia, who expresses a desire to participate in the goals and objectives of the Co-op, provided that the resident has never been convicted of a serious felony or crime of violence. All applications for membership are subject to review and approval or disapproval by the Directors. All members must be affiliated with a chartered Watch Group and active in the function of that Group.

Forms You Will Need

Both forms can be downloaded from our website at downloads.html.

 •  Application for Watch Group Charter

 •  Individual Application for each member of your new Watch Group


 • Talk to your neighbors and spark their interest. Try to get as many of your neighbors as possible to participate. Typically, your Watch Group area should not exceed two or three blocks at most. For a larger area, you should divide into multiple Watch Groups of not more area than three blocks each.

 • Contact any one of our officers or Parkersburg Police Department representatives and set up a date and place for a meeting (church, school, or residence).

 • Invite all interested neighbors.

At the meeting …

 • A representative from the Neighborhood Watch Co-op and/or the Police Department will attend and bring handouts.

 • Talk about crime prevention and specific neighborhood problems (usually a group doesn’t progress from here until a problem is identified).

 • Pass out Neighborhood Watch brochures on home security and Neighborhood Watch window stickers (the Co-op representative will provide these).

 • The Co-op or police representative will explain the purpose and function of the Neighborhood Watch program.

 • Select a captain and at least one co-captain, depending upon the number of people in your proposed group; you should have at least one co-captain for each five to seven residences represented.

 • Those who are still interested in forming the Group will each need to complete an Individual Application.

 • Select a name for your Group that is representative of the geographical area included. This will typically be the name of the subdivision or major road in your area. (The Co-op representative will help with this.) Your Captain should complete the Application for Watch Group Charter and will include on the group application the names of everyone submitting an Individual Application. All applications (group and individual) should be given to the Co-op representative for delivery to the officers for processing. The Watch Group Captain will be notified once your application has been approved, and will be given a Certificate of Charter.

 • Establish a telephone tree. All neighbors write down their name, address, and phone numbers for the captain and each co-captain. If your Watch area is larger than a single block, you should have a co-captain responsible for overseeing each block in your Watch area. The captain and each co-captain should be responsible for a specified portion of your entire roster.

 • Select places for the city to erect Neighborhood Watch signs. There should be a sign at each access point into your Watch area.

 • Establish a schedule for regular meetings of your Watch Group. It is very important that you hold regular meetings to train and discuss security issues in your neighborhood.

 • Discuss what you would like to talk about in future meetings (home security, fire safety, personal safety, juvenile problems).

How to complete the Application for Watch Group Charter


 1. Check to indicate this is an application for a new charter.

 2. If this is an application for a new charter, check “Proposed.” If this is your annual charter renewal, check “Existing.” Enter the proposed or existing name of your Watch Group.

 3. Describe the geographical area that your Watch Group will cover. For example: “900 block of Smith Street”; “1000 block of Smith Street and 600 block of Jones Street.”

 4. Enter the complete name and street address of your Group Captain.

 5. Enter the Cell and Home phone numbers. Check whether your cell phone can receive SMS Text messages. Enter your work phone only if you will be the person who answers the phone. (Our automated notification system will call the number with a recorded message. If some other employee answers the phone it will be confusing.) Enter an “Other” phone if you can receive recorded messages on a different phone.

 6&7. Enter the same information for your Co-Captains.

 8. List the name (the address is not needed on this form) of each member of your Watch Group. If this is an application for a new charter, submit a completed Individual Application for each member. If this is an annual renewal, attach a Contact Information Update form with each member of your watch group

 9. Captain and Co-Captain(s) sign and date the application.

 10. Submit the completed application to any officer of the Co-op.

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