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Annual Charter Renewal
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Policy Statement

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This annual Charter Renewal Policy has been implemented in order to keep an accurate record of which neighborhoods have active watch groups. Watch Groups that do not submit the needed documentation for the annual Charter renewal will be moved to inactive status.


Between November 1 and December 31 of each year, Watch Captains need to prepare and submit an application for Watch Group Charter Renewal. Watch Groups that have not submitted the required documentation by the end of the January meeting will be moved to inactive status until the documentation is received.

Forms You Will Need

These forms are in the Download section.

 • Application for Watch Group Charter

 • Contact Information Update for each member of your Watch Group

 • Individual Application for each new member of your Watch Group 

How to complete the Application for Watch Group Charter Renewal

Charter Renewal Application1. Check that this is your annual charter renewal.

2. Check “Existing.” Enter the name of your Watch Group.

3. Describe the geographical area that your Watch Group covers. For example: “900 block of Smith Street”; “1000 block of Smith Street and 600 block of Jones Street.”

4. Enter the complete name and street address of your Group Captain.

5. Enter the Cell and Home phone numbers. Check whether your cell phone can receive SMS Text messages. Enter your work phone only if you will be the person who answers the phone. (Our automated notification system will call the number with a recorded message. If some other employee answers the phone it will be confusing.) Enter an “Other” phone if you can receive recorded messages on a different phone.

6&7. Enter the same information for your Co-Captain(s).

8. List the name (the address is not needed on this form) of each member of your Watch Group and attach a Contact Information Update form with each member of your watch group listed.

9. Captain and Co-Captain(s) sign and date the application.

10. Submit the completed application to any officer of the Co-op.

11. The President, Vice President, and Secretary will all sign the application form, which is then delivered to the Information Technology Coordinator for updating the membership database and preparation of your annual charter certificate.

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