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Approving a Watch Group Charter
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Policy Statement

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Membership in the Co-op is open to any resident of Wood County, West Virginia, who expresses a desire to participate in the goals and objectives of the Co-op, provided that the resident has never been convicted of a serious felony or crime of violence. All applications for membership are subject to review and approval or disapproval by the Directors. All members must be affiliated with a chartered Watch Group and active in the function of that Group.

Any individual wishing to charter a Neighborhood Watch Group as a member of this Co-op must submit an Application for Charter in addition to an Individual Application for each member of the Group. This will usually be done at an organizational meeting of the group that is attended by one of the Co-op officers and a representative of the appropriate law enforcement agency for that neighborhood. No Watch Group will be chartered by this Co-op until this procedure has been completed.


 1. The Co-op Officer receiving the Application for Charter will review the application and ensure that: 

 • all required information is provided,

 • the Captain and Co-Captain(s) of the proposed Watch Group have signed the Application, and

 • that there is a signed and approved Individual Application for each person named on the Application for Charter.

 2. If there is any question about an individual’s eligibility for membership, the President will cause the Individual Application to be submitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency for a background check, the necessity for which to be determined by law enforcement.

 3. The Co-op President, Vice President, and Secretary will sign and date the Application for Charter and forward it and the associated Individual Applications to the IT Coordinator.

 4. The IT Coordinator will enter the approved Watch Group and each individual member into the membership database and the Everbridge notification system, and prepare a Certificate of Charter to be signed by the President and Vice President.

 5. The President and Vice President will sign the Certificate of Charter and cause it to be delivered to the Watch Group Captain.

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